Sergio Nanni, licensed hiking guide

Founder of Jebel Sardinia

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(+39) 338 305 4973


(+39) 338 305 4973


Piazza del Popolo, Orosei

Sergio Nanni, licensed hiking guide for the Region of Sardinia

I am Sergio Nanni of Jebel Sardinia, a licensed hiking guide for the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, AIGAE guide as well as Level 1 canoe and kayak instructor. I am a traveler who loves to discover remote areas, distant countries and different cultures.

My love for nature, trekking and hiking led me to turn my passion into work, so I founded Jebel Sardinia in 2016 after graduating in Natural Sciences. The name Jebel, which means “mountain” in the Arabic language, derives from my travels in North Africa and in the Middle East.

One-day treks with Jebel Sardinia
Orosei landscapes

Come and see me in Orosei!

I’m based in Orosei, which with its enviable geographical position is the optimal starting point for exploring the east coast of the island. With my excursions you will visit the Barony, the Barbagia and the Gallura.

Our tours range from the Supramonte mountains to the enchanted beaches of the Gulf of Orosei. When I accompany my guests I like to convey the pleasure of walking in an uncontaminated land, enjoying the feeling of peace and wellness that only nature can give us.