Trekking tour to Biderosa Oasis

Trekking tour to Biderosa Oasis (Orosei)


7 h (4 h walk)


Easy level


from age 10


50€ (40€ children)

Info and reservations tour to Biderosa Oasis

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Trekking tour to Biderosa Oasis

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Biderosa Oasis (Orosei)

Biderosa (Orosei) is a natural oasis for which daily access is restricted to a limited amount of people upon acquiring entry tickets only. Its unspoiled scenery is simply spectacular.

Imagine beaches and coves of powdery white sand, waters of matchless crystalline quality. Imagine low dunes where white sea lilies are still growing with a backdrop of lush pine trees girding it all and the virgin Mediterranean flora pushing its age-old junipers all the way down the waterline. Imagine the pink granite of the surrounding hills twinkling under the glorious sunlight.

Our trekking tour

  • Effortless hike
  • Priceless panorama
  • Long beach break
  • Lunch in the pinewood
  • Entrance ticket included

Let us park our Land Rovers nearby and enter this nature reserve to set out on our one-day trekking tour. For starters, we will hike through the pinewood and its underbrush of myrtle, mastic and dwarf palm trees. The path will then proceed onwards to the municipality of Janna Ventosa where we will chance upon some wonderful holm oaks and gorgeous age-old junipers.

As we keep hiking upwards, we will reach a lookout post on the hill of Monte Urcatu 125 metres above sea level. From that vantage point, the view will sweep down over the coves, the pinewood and the entire northern coastline of the Gulf of Orosei. Perfect time for pictures! Our route will then be descending from Mount Urcatu down to the coast, whilst the pathway will be branching off in several multidirectional trails each of which leads to various small and secluded beaches.

Time for a well-deserved halt including a long beach break! Then lunchtime under the shelter of the pine trees and their welcoming shade. On our way back, our last stop will be the small pond of Sa Curcurica. Just like in the nearby pond of Biderosa, this place offers the opportunity to observe different species of birds such as pink flamingos, kingfishers, grey herons, mallards and Corsican gulls, especially in the springtime season.

What are the main sights at the Biderosa Oasis?

Discover the secrets of Biderosa Oasis thanks to a short hike to the lookout post of Mount Urcatu. and some birdwatching at the pond of Sa Curcurica. Be one of the few people allowed to take a swim in the crystalline waters of the small beaches, and at lunchtime chill out in the lovely pinewood for a day to remember.

Place and time of departure and arrival?

Departure from Orosei at 8:30 a.m. – Return to Orosei at 3:30 p.m.

What are the means of transport?

Jebel Sardinia Land Rover, four-wheel drive vehicles.

What is the intensity level for this excursion?

Low/Moderate. Good physical condition required.

What is the recommended equipment?

Essentials: packed lunches and water (not included), hiking shoes, waterproof windbreakers, sunscreen, swimsuits, towels, hats. Optional: sunglasses, cameras.

Is this excursion suitable for children?

Yes, from age 10.

What is the price for the excursion?

45 € for adults and 35 € for children.