Trekking tour to the nuragic village of Tiscali

Trekking tour to Tiscali (Dorgali and Oliena)


7 h (4 h walk)


Moderate level


from age 10


55€ (45€ children)

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Trekking tour to Tiscali (Dorgali and Oliena)

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The Nuragic village of Tiscali (Dorgali and Oliena)

Located between the two communes of Dorgali and Oliena, the Nuragic village of Tiscali is one of the most famous excursion destinations in Sardinia. Thanks to its isolated location in the wilderness and due to its archaeological, natural and geological significance, it definitely features at the top of the list of all Sardinian travel guides.

Its history began about 900.000 years ago, exactly at the border where the Oliena and Dorgali Supramonte regions meet, on the 518 metres high summit of Mount Tiscali, when a huge and hidden natural cave had its vault collapsing, thus generating a secret basin accessible only through a crack in the rocky walls.

Many aeons later, sometime between the 18th and 15th centuries BC, the indigenous Nuragic populations settled down this sinkhole that created a protected and hospitable environment effectively concealing the village of huts built in its midst from the prying eyes of enemies and invaders.

Our trekking tour to Tiscali Nuragic village

  • The most famous excursion in Sardinia
  • Hiking in the midst of the wilderness
  • Impressive sights and scenery 500 metres above sea level
  • An archaeological site unique in the world
  • A secret botanical area

Today with Jebel Sardinia we can now follow the ancient ruts that coalmen furrowed more than two hundred years ago and that will lead us to the Nuragic village of Tiscali. This one-day trekking will have us snaking our way across the dense woods of the Lanaitho Valley and along the high limestone walls eroded over millennia by wind and water.

We will pass the narrow crack of Sa Curtigia, which is the only access point to a series of spectacular sights extending all the way down to the Corrasi mountain range. We will then enter the collapsed cave to visit the archaeological site and the natural botanical area made up of rare species, such as the terebinth and the three-lobed maple tree that the special microclimate in the basin allowed to grow.

If you are looking for a unique experience in Sardinia, if you love hiking and archaeology, then do not miss the excursion to the Nuragic village of Tiscali with our professional Jebel Sardinia guide!

What are the main sights at Tiscali village?

The most famous excursion in Sardinia. The discovery of the Nuragic village of Tiscali hidden in a 900.000 year-old cave. Immersed within the dense woods of the Lanaitho Valley, we will be hiking on the ruts furrowed by coalmen in order to reach this place located at roughly 500 metres above sea level.

Place and time of departure and arrival?

Departure from Orosei at 8:30 / Dorgali 9:00 am – Return to Orosei at 3:30 pm.

What are the means of transport?

Jebel Sardinia Land Rover, four-wheel drive vehicle.

What is the intensity level for this excursion?

Moderate. Good physical condition required.

What is the recommended equipment?

Essentials: packed lunches and water (not included), hiking shoes, waterproof windbreakers, sunscreen, hats. Optional: sunglasses, cameras, light binoculars.

Is this excursion suitable for children?

Yes, from age 10.

What is the price for the excursion?

55 € for adults and 45 € for children.